Surf Girls Feature Documentary Run Time: 25-30 min Approx. Language: Bengali Subtitles: English The film follows Nasima, the first female surfer of Bangladesh, after her husband kicks her out of the same house that she built by selling her surf board. The film explores the dilemma between her love for...
BBC Media Action Health PSA_Agomoni Four PSA, Each Duration : 90sec A series of narrative fiction based PSA about maternal healthcare issues to create awareness against social prejudice.
BBC Media Action BBC_ JANALA _ factual TV show _ Nijey Nijey Shekha Satkhira Episode , Duration : 27 min English language learning factual TV show which teaches English through diverse material.
Waiting for Godot Scottish Documentary Institute Duration: 4 min 48 sec The daily routine for Day Laborers in Dhaka is to gather at the crack of dawn in the local market to sell time and their labor, in the hope of an honest day’s wage. Securing work could mean the...
Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA_ Documentary _ Recycle bin Duration : 13 min Where do our trash go in this mega city Dhaka? Are we really aware to take care of the city we love dearly?
Parallel Salvation Experimental short Duration : 3 min 29 sec An experimental film about acceptance through religious pluralism being the path to communal harmony.
Documenting Changes World Vision Bangladesh ADP_phase out _Documentary 7 episode, Duration: 8 min (avg) Project phase out documentary: portrays the work and contribution of World Vision Bangladesh.
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare PSA _ Anti smoking Duration : 1 min An anti-smoking PSA about the danger of smoking and its impact on our family.
It’s a promotional video to shade light on the humantitarian activities and life-saving services Christian Aid has been providing to the 70,000 vulnerable Rohingyas living a life of refugee since they escaped from their own land.
A short promotional video on “Shifting the Power”; an initiative taken by Christian Aid and supported by DFIF, to train and prepare RRT members in regard of capacity strengthening and rapid deployment for any disaster concentrating on fire safety priory.