• Surf girls
    Surf girls

    The film follows Nasima, the first female surfer of Bangladesh, after her husband kicks her out of the same house that she built by selling her surf board. The film explores the dilemma between her love for surfing and her husband. Bangladeshi National Surfing competition becomes the big stage for her to return to the sport which she championed before.

  • Kingdom of clay subjects
    Kingdom of clay subjects

    10-year-old Jamal loves his carefree life with his mum in rural Bangladesh,
    Until the day his childhood friend and playmate is forced to become a child bride. Isolated and lost, Jamal finds the world a harsh reality when his hopes of getting new friends and attending school collide with his mother’s past.

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency
    Japan International Cooperation Agency

    Where do our trash go in this mega city Dhaka? Are we really aware to take care of the city we love dearly?

  • Waiting for Godot
    Waiting for Godot

    The daily routine for Day Laborers in Dhaka is to gather at the crack of dawn in the local market to sell time and their labor, in the hope of an honest day’s wage. Securing work could mean the difference between life or death. The ones left behind come to terms with the effects of not being picked to work for the day.

  • Parallel Salvation
    Parallel Salvation

    An experimental film about acceptance through religious pluralism being the path to communal harmony.

  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
    Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

    An anti-smoking PSA about the danger of smoking and its impact on our family.

Chitalmari ADP Bangla WorldVision

A documentary on the activities of World Vision Bangladesh in Chitalmari starting from the year 1991. It shows how World Vision Bangladesh has significantly contributed to the development of the area in terms of education, child rights, food security, safe drinking safe water, reducing poverty, disaster management, increased income and so on.

Bokul DL
Bokul is a docu-drama that speaks for awareness against cultural superstitions andtrends like childhood marriagein the rural regions of Bangladesh. It shows how these may affect and repress lives of individuals.
An awareness PSA on the importance of antenatal services during pregnancy that speaks for proper healthcare for the expecting females and against the traits of abiding by superstitious practices centering around pregnancy which may affect the health of both mother and child if not addressed and checked duly.